Though staying true to his roots, Tom Phillips is not a man to sit idle.

Following thirty years of making music and seven studio albums, Tom has once again added to his portfolio with a new sound on his latest album, Plastic Machine. The album represents an evolution in Tom’s sound, yet still remains genuine to the craft  he has been practising over the entire course of his career.

“Plastic Machine" reunites Tom with producer Lorrie Matheson (producer of Tom’s critically-acclaimed album, Mr. Superlove).

Tom has performed countless shows over the years all across the country with The Men of Constant Sorrow. However, it was at local favourite venue The Blues Can that he came together with other musicians to create the DT’s (Difficult Transitions), the perfect group to compliment his new sound.

The band consists of  Tim Leacock on bass and vocals, Ian Grant on drums, Geoff Brock on guitar and the Zadravec Sisters, Shaye and Sydney, on guitars and background vocals.

Tom Phillips and the D.T.’s  perform their high-energy brand of music each Tuesday night at the “Blues Can” on the music mile in Inglewood.